Regional Imamat Council – Youth Wing Launch

by MJC

Regional Imamat Council – Youth Wing Launch

Alhamdulillah the MJC Youth Department had launch a youth wing of the Regional Imamat Council and the meeting was received positively by all the attendees. Furthermore, there was brainstorming in ways the MJC and the RIC’s could positively affect the youth locally in sha Allah


Present from Right: Ml Abdul Khaliq Allie (1st Deputy President), Ml Sabri Davids (ICOMP), Ml Hussain Jackson (ICOMP), Sh Isa Sami (ICONS), Ml Ashraf Petersen (ICOSS)


From Left: Ml Huthayfah Allie (BIC), Ustaath Sedick Cornelison (ICAR)


Presentation was delivered by Ml Yusuf Patel (MJC YOUTH DEPARTMENT)

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