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The Muslim Judicial Council (SA) in the strongest terms condemns the latest israeli missile strikes on the citizens of Gaza. Apartheid israel once again revealed its true oppressive nature by exerting its military might on the Palestinians who continue to resist occupation and zionist oppression.

The MJC(SA) calls upon all Muslims, at this critical juncture, to intensify efforts to create greater awareness around the Palestinian issue. Reports have confirmed that 44 people, 15 of whom are children have died in the latest onslaught with approximately 350 people injured. Further damage to the infrastructure of an already battered Gaza adds another dimension to the growing humanitarian crisis there.

We acknowledge that there are many issues affecting Muslims locally and internationally, however, the fate of the Palestinian people is linked to that of al-Masjidul Aqsa al-Mubarak to which we, as followers of Nabi Muhammad (SAW), have a collective responsibility. Whilst israel continues its expansionist and gentrification agenda in Palestine and as we observe the consistent incursions by israeli settlers on the blessed al-Aqsa compound, the question ‘how and when will this come to an end?’ often dictate the thoughts of the interested few. This question however, should plague the collective thought of the Ummah of Islam and it should translate into developing a strategy that ensures that israel returns usurped Palestinian land, the right of return for all Palestinians is realized, israel is brought to book for its crimes against humanity.

The month of Muharram, and the 10th day in particular, is the day Allah Most-High saved Nabi Moosa (AS) from the oppressive pharaoh, we therefore call upon all Muslims to intensify in duah whilst performing their fasting of the 10th of Muharram beseeching the Almighty to save our Palestinian brothers and sisters from the oppressive zionists the same way He saved Nabi Moosa (AS) from pharaoh.



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