by MJC


The Department of Quranic Affairs started a new and significant initiative. Its “CONNECTING, NOT INSPECTING. INQUIRING AND SHARING” programme.

Over the next few months, HOD, Sh. Ismail Londt, intends to visit as many Islamic institutions in the Cape as possible. It will be a weekly exercise with one day per week dedicated to it. He visited three institutes in the past week: Dar al-Shifa, Lansdowne, Al-Tartil Institute, Wynberg and Madrasah at-Taribiyah al-Islamiyyah, Ottery.

The intent of the visits is to gather information about our institutes, record their offerings, note their challenges, advise where applicable and ensure that the ideal standards of Quranic teaching is maintained and continuously improved upon.

This information will hopefully enable the Department to do some baseline assessments of the respective institutes.

General information will be made available so that the community may be inspired by what is already on offer and all may gain direction for where to register potential future students appropriately.

Beneficial administrative and methodology-related information will be shared between institutes so that sister institutes may learn from each and draw benefit, eradicating any delays in progress.

The overall gathered information may also allow us to identify common problem areas which should then enable us to plan and offer appropriate programmes, workshops and courses as solutions to them, if the Almighty so wills.

Cape Town is blessed with so many institutes, a feat that we embrace with pride. May we increase in our love for the book of Allah. Amin!

Sh. Ismail stated: These visits are to be done… “So we can grow, TOGETHER.”
In sha Allah.

Requesting our community’s prayers for guidance and acceptance.

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