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Today the MJC (SA) leadership hosted members of the Northern Cape Ulama Council (NCUC) who were in the Cape for the UUCSA AGM.

A breakfast was hosted for the Ulama before their return back to Kimberley and the Northern Cape.

The current Ameer, Moulana Aadam Feltman, recollected the strong relationship the Ulama of Kimberley and the Northern Cape shares with the MJC. Ml Aadam spoke fondly of how former president of the MJC, Shaykh Nazeem Mohamed (RA) drove down to Kimberley “in ñ ou Mercedes Benz”. H also noted that Kimberley was blessed with hosting current President, Sh Irafaan Abrahams at the very start of his tenure as president of MJC. This effort made by the then president, was a direct factor that created this bond between the Ulama of the Northern Cape and MJC.

From Right: Ml Bienjameen Osman, Ml Ridwaan Noordien (NC, Kimberley), Brother Fuaad Macfary (NC, Kimberley) , Ml Aadam Feltman (Ameer of NC Ulama Council), Sh Irafaan Abrahams (President of MJC), Ml Basheer Etty (Secretary General of Northern Cape Ulama Council), Ml Abdul Khaliq Allie (President of UUCSA and First Deputy President of MJC), Ml Sabri Davids (Ameer of ICOMP)










Shaykh Ebrahim Gabriels highlighted that there was a request from the North for the MJC to assist with aimmah. The Imaam chosen and sent to Kimberley was Imaam Yusuf Galant, at the behest of the MJC.

These ulama left Cape Town this morning after breakfast, and we pray that Allah (SWT) blesses their return journey back home and may Allah (SWT) facilitate and grant ease in their khidmah of Islam in the Northern Cape, Amin.

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