Paarl Revision Programme

by MJC

Paarl Revision Programme

On Sunday morning, the 2nd October, i attended the monthly Qur’ān revision programme in Paarl. It was held in the Breda Street Masjid, believed to be the first masjid in the area.

The monthly programme is overseen by Hafith Mukhtar Abrahams, co-ordinated by Hafith M. Siddique Parker and is organised by brother Zaahir Samaai. We were visited by Hafith Omar Cook as well.

In Sunday’s session, this inspiring group of Huffath revised the 5th Juz’ from memory, taking turns to complete it, aiming at consolidation and improvement. Next month, they will revise the 6th Juz’ in the same manner, in sha Allah.

I was extremely impressed by their individual and collective efforts and will be maintaining contact with them for potential collaborative work, in sha Allah. I pray for them and request of the community to do the same.
May Allah accept from all. Amin!


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