by MJC

Reunited with some of our senior scholars and reciters whom i was honoured to interview for ‘The Quran and its people’ series. Not in the pic is Sh. M. Hashim Julies and Imam AbdulWahhab Hamdulay. Included in the pic is Sh. M. Amien Fakier and some of the senior SANZAF members and staff who collaborated with the DQA on this project. Intending to continue in the new year, in sha Allah, for more inspiration and record of our beautiful and rich history. Duas for the way ahead🤲🏼

Front seated from right: Sh Ihsaan Davids, Sh Muhammad Moerat, Im Fuad Samaai, Sh Abduragmaan Salie, Sh Muhammad Amien Fakier, Sh Abubakr Abdurauf, Sh Ganief Moos, Hafith Ismooney Taliep. Front row standing from right: Sh Ismail Londt, Sh Igsaan Abrahams, Sh Shaukat Allie, Sh Sa’dullah Khan, Sh Ridwaan Saeit, Sh Fuad Hendricks, Sh Ebrahim Gabriels, Sh Fariet Majiet, Hafith Omar Cook,  Abdul Kariem Boorhanuddeen (SANZAF Chairperson). Back Row standing: Sh Ebrahim Floris, Ml Hassiem Cassiem,  Sedick Hartley (SANZAF), Shafiek Baarendse (SANZAF).

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