Fitrah and Fidyah amounts for Ramadan 1439/2018 released

The Fatwa Committee of the Muslim Judicial Council is pleased to announce the following quantities and values for Ṣadaqat al-Fiṭr and Fidyah:

    • In-kind – 3 kg of rice (rounded off from 2.94kg)
    • In-Cash – minimum of R40
    • In-kind – 1 kg of rice (rounded off from 735 g)
    • In-Cash – minimum of R10
  1. Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers who give Fidyah should do so in kind only, and not in cash.
  2. It is permissible to pay Fiṭrah at any time after Ramaḍān has commenced.
  3. The obligation to do so sets in on the eve that Ramaḍān ends, either by the sighting of the moon or the completion of 30 days.
  4. Fiṭrah should ideally reach its recipients before the Eid ṣalāh.
  5. Failure to give it before Eid ṣalāh does not absolve one from the obligation. It should still be given out before the day ends.
  6. Delaying it beyond sunset on the day of Eid without a reasonable excuse is ḥarām.
  7. Those who are unable to pay the full amount should pay whatever they are able to pay.
  8. The head of the household is responsible for paying Fiṭrah on behalf of all those in the household for whose maintenance he is responsible.