Month: April 2018

Workshop aims to revitalize Hufaath before Ramadan

workshop aims to revitalize hufaath before ramadan - hufaath - Workshop aims to revitalize Hufaath before Ramadan

A workshop aimed at preparing memorizers of the Quraan (Hufaath) for the coming month of Ramadan takes place in April under the auspicious of the Muslim Judicial Council (MJC) and the Imaamat Council of Mitchell’s Plain (ICOMP).

Debunking myths related to ‘Halaal’

debunking myths related to 'halaal' - Halaal - Debunking myths related to ‘Halaal’

A recent article entitled “Christians war on Halaal” – published 01 April 2018 – made certain claims pertaining to the Halaal certification Industry in South Africa and gross misconceptions on Islam. The following article is meant to debunk these misconceptions and educate the non-Muslim community on the role of Halaal certification on the economic development…