MJC relieved at Hawks’ update on Malmesbury Mosque attack

mjc relieved at hawks’ update on malmesbury mosque attack - Untitled 6 - MJC relieved at Hawks’ update on Malmesbury Mosque attack

The Muslim Judicial Council (SA) is relieved that the Hawks have identified the perpetrator involved in the Malmesbury Mosque attack.

Two worshippers were killed, and two others injured, when the perpetrator attacked them whilst they were performing I’tikaaf (seclusion in the mosque) during Ramadan (the Muslim fasting month).

The Hawks identified the perpetrator as 23-year old Nur Arawal who was an outpatient at Karl Bremer Psychiatric Hospital. They have, therefore, ruled out terrorism or “radical activity” as the motive in the attack.

Immediately after the incident last month, the MJC hosted the Malmesbury Mosque Committee, the Somali Ambassador, Somali leadership and the HAWKS to ensure full co-operation with their investigations.

Many rumours have spread via social media and even mainstream media regarding the motive of the attack. We hope the outcome of the Hawks investigation brings this matter to a close.

Muslims in South Africa have a rich history of tolerance and harmonious co-existence with other faith communities despite the oppression of Dutch and British Colonialism as well as during the brutal Apartheid rule.

Once again, we send our condolences to the victim’s families. We further thank our fellow South Africans for their support and well-wishes during this very difficult period for all.

We pray that an incident like the one seen in Malmesbury is never repeated in South Africa. It is the responsibility of all leaders and citizens to continuously promote peaceful co-existence in our country.