Month: August 2018

Shaykh Muneer Abduroaf graduates with PhD

Mubarak (congratulations) to Shaykh Muneer Abduroaf who graduated as a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in the Faculty of Law at the University of the Western Cape on Monday.

Eid Mubarak!

The Muslim Judicial Council (MJC) wishes you and your family a blessed Eid Mubarak.

A guide to understanding Qurbani/Udhiya

What is Qurbani? Qurban is the ritual slaughtering of livestock — sheep, cows, bulls, goats, camels, etc — on specific days of the Islamic calendar. The practice of Qurbani can be traced…

Moulana Ihsaan Hendrick’s Biography

Moulana Ihsaan Hendricks was born 16 September 1964 in Worcestor, 110 kilometres outside Cape Town, South Africa. He was the former president of the Muslim Judicial Council (MJC),