Mualima Abeeda Peer announced as guest speaker at MJC Women’s Day Luncheon

In what is planned to be the event of the year, the MJC Women’s Forum (MJCWF) will be hosting a luncheon to celebrate Women’s Day under the theme, ‘Honouring Remarkable Women’.

This is the second year the Women’s Forum is hosting an event celebrating National Women’s Day and more than 600 women of all backgrounds are expected to attend.

“Our event aims to create a common space where, as women, we can draw on each other’s strengths, share in our successes and hold each other through our challenges,” MJCWF Chairperson, Mualima Khadija Patel-Allie explains.

In attendance will be the prolific speaker and transformational coach, Mualima Abeeda Peer, who has extensive experience in the management and nurturing of marital and social relationships. Mualima is currently involved in marriage counselling throughout South Africa. She also counsel’s on family and social issues that confront Muslim families.

“We are excited to host Mualima Abeeda at our luncheon. She is a prolific speaker who will challenge our norms and create a safe space for our self-development. At this year’s luncheon, she speaks about nurturing and replenishing the Self,” Mualima Patel-Allie said.

“In our own spaces — as a mother, grandmother, sister, daughter, aunt, niece, etc — we are social change makers. Oftentimes, our energies are devoted to this task, working at our relationships with our spouse, our children, our parents, our extended family, our colleagues or our friends, to the detriment of nurturing our greatest asset, ourselves! This is your chance to change your perspective and create a happier environment for you and your family,” Mualima Patel-Allie continued.

Photo Caption: From Right, Janna Ayyad ‘Jihad’ (12), Ahed Tamimi (17), Ahed’s mother Narriman Tamini; and Janna’s mother Nawaal Ayyad were guest speakers at last year’s MJC Women’s Day event. At the time they were touring South Africa as part of the Shamsaan Kids Tour. 

The Luncheon will be held on National Women’s Day (09 August 2018) at the Darul Islam Boy’s Campus Hall starting at 11h00 and promises to entertain, inspire and rejuvenate the self over plates of delicious food.

For tickets, contact Sister Majidah Emandien on 021 684 4600 or Zarina Colbie on 079 789 4612