Qiyaamul Layl programme aims to recite the full Quran over two nights

The full Quran will be recited over a period of two nights in the MJC’S  Department of Quranic Affairs’ (DQA) monthly Qiyaamul Layl programme.

The idea of a monthly Qiyaamul Layl programme resulted from the Ramadan programme where the full Quran was recited in one evening.

“Winter has short nights and it was an ambitious task to complete the full Quran in one night but it was done. Hufaath requested the Qiyaamul Layl programme to continue throughout the year so that the community can gain maximum benefit and reward from Allah Almighty,” said DQA’s administrator, Shaykh Zaid Dante.

The maiden programme takes place on Friday and Saturday, 27-28 July at Masjidur Rawbie, Portlands, Mitchell’s Plain and starts promptly at 9 pm.

The opportunity arises for senior hufaath to have a positive influence on the younger generation and to further encourage them to excel in Hifth. Hufaath who want to gain invaluable experience leading the congregation are urged to make contact with the co-ordinators.

“We call upon Hafith institutions to support this initiative and encourage students to participate in these programmes. It will assist them for when they perform Taraweeh in Ramadaan,” Shaykh Dante concluded.

All interested Hufaath may contact Shaykh Abdul Kareem Davids on 071 891 5961 or Moulana Saalim Peck on 072 901 1363

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