How to perform the Salaah of Khusoof (eclipse of the moon)

The Prophet sallallahu alaihi wa sallam said: ‘Verily the sun and moon are two signs from amongst the signs of Allah. They do not eclipse due to the death or birth of anyone. When you see them in eclipse, then hasten towards Salaah.’ (Bukhari)

The eclipse of the moon is caused by the passing of the earth between the sun and the moon. The moon is in the earth’s shadow.

Hanafi Math’ab
It is Sunnah to perform two Rakaats of Salaah at the time of eclipses. During a lunar eclipse, Salaah is read individually and not in congregation.

Shafi Math’ab
According to the Shafi Math-hab, Salaah for a Lunar Eclipse is Sunnah Muakkadah (emphasised sunnah). There is no call to prayer (adhan). It is read in congregation in a Musjid. The eclipse prayer consists of two rakaats. The best way is:

(a) Make the niyyah: Nawaytu usol’lee sun’na’ta solaati khusoofil qa’ma’ri, rak’atayni, mus’taq’bi’lal qib’la’ti (Jamaa’atan) lil’laahi ta’aalaa. Translation: “I intend to perform the two Sunnah Raka’aat of the Salaatul Khusoof, in the direction of the Qiblah (with Jamaa’ah) for the sake of Allah.”

(b) to begin with ‘Allahu akbar’;
(c) to recite the Fatiha;
(d) Ruku equal to 100 verses of Surah Baqarah (about 20 minutes);
(e) to straighten up;
(f) to recite the Fatiha again;
(g) Ruku equal to 80 verses of Surah Baqarah;
(h) to straighten up and remain motionless for a moment;
(i) and to prostrate, then sit up, and then prostrate again.

This is one rak’a. comprising standing twice, reciting twice, and bowing twice.
One then prays the second rak’a like the first.

The best way is that after reciting the Opening Supplication (Istiftah), the Ta’awwudh, and the Fatiha:

(a) recite al-Baqara for the first Quraan recital;
(b) recite Al ‘Imran after the second time one recites the Fatiha (in the first rak’a);
(A: then, in the second rak’a:
(c) recite al-Nisa for the third recital;
(d) and recite al-Ma’ida for the fourth recital.

Or one may recite comparable amounts of the Quraan in place of the above suras.

After praying, it is recommended that the imam give two Khutbas.

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