Fresher Butchery’s Halaal Certificate suspended pending an investigation

The Halal certificate of Fresher’s Butchery’s at Food Lover’s Market in Access Park, Cape Town, has been suspended with immediate effect by the Muslim Judicial Council’s Halaal Trust (MJCHT).

The suspension was imposed after reports of non-compliance to the MJC’s Halaal standards and operating procedures.

“We are currently investigating claims that Fresher’s Butcher is not complying to the MJCHT’s Halaal standards and operating procedures,” said MJC Halaal Trust’s Chief Operations Officer Shaykh Moosa Titus.

The store’s management met with the MJCHT on Monday morning to attempt to resolve the issues.

“In our initial investigations we can confirm that no contamination occurred in the Halaal certified butchery. The store’s management removed all pork products from the store — which was located in a seperate area away from the butcher. This particular area does not fall under the jurisdictuon of the MJCHT. The store requested the MJCHT to cleanse the area immediately,” Shaykh Titus said.

The store’s management will continue deliberations with the MJCHT and both parties agreed to work closely together to ensure compliance.

The certificate will be reinstated as soon as all investigations are concluded and compliance to MJC’s Halaal standards and operating procedures are complete.

The butchery is the only section certified by the MJCHT.

Issued by
Shaykh Moosa Titus
Chief Operating Officer