Muharram 1440H Mubarak!

The MJC wishes all Muslims a Muharram 1440 Mubarak!
With the passing of yet another year, we reflect upon the many challenges that Almighty Allah laid before us. These challenges are meant to test our faith and provide us with the opportunity to gain closeness to Allah.

This year, we pray to Allah Almighty to guide us onto the path of righteousness and good. We pray for peace and stability in the Muslim World, so that united, we can benefit humanity. May Allah bring relief to those oppressed, suffering from the effects of war, refugees, the poverty-stricken and those who fear for their lives due to crime, gangsterism and violence.

May we obtain Allah’s satisfaction and approval always and may Allah Almighty accept our Ibaadah, our good deeds and our sincere intentions for His sake, Ameen.